Message from the Founder and Chief Visionary Officer:

My passion for inclusion and equality are the driving forces behind my desire to see more women succeed in life.  As an Executive and Leadership Coach, much of my time is committed to mentoring, guiding, coaching and advocating for women in all stages of their journey.  My vision in building a strong Doyenne community is all about creating current and future generations of successful, powerful, happy women.
Outcomes are important to me.  Creating a strong pipeline of successful female leaders will enable women to be acknowledged and respected for their gifts and talents and ultimately help close the vast salary gap that currently exists between men and women.  This is what drives me.  I’m hopeful, dedicated and ready for the challenge.

Let’s work together!

Up Close And Personal

I’m a wife, mother, mentor, leadership coach, entrepreneur, facilitator and speaker. I have experienced a tremendous career in the corporate sector as an executive in broadcast media operations and in non-profit management. I have held positions as a CMO, COO, CSO, and CEO. As an entrepreneur, I enjoy helping individuals and businesses grow.