Yvette Cook-Darby, Creator and Host

For the longest time I’ve had this burning desire to see more women succeed in life.   As a result, much of my time is spent mentoring, guiding, coaching and advocating for women in all stages of their journey.  My vision in building this Doyenne community is all about creating future generations of successful, powerful, happy “badass” women”.
I’m fortunate to have amazing Doyennes and Rising Doyennes in my life today that I can call on and tap into.   
My hope for the Doyenne community is a commitment from successful women to reach back and help prepare upcoming women for their rise to success.  I would like to see the C-Suite become less isolated and lonely for women.  It is also my hope to see the vast salary gap between men and women begin to close, and I want women to be treated and respected as equals.  This is what drives me.  I’m hopeful, I’m dedicated and I’m ready for the challenge.
Ladies, It’s time for change!

Up Close And Personal

I’m a wife, mother, mentor, executive coach, entrepreneur, and speaker.  I’ve been fortunate to have a tremendous career as an executive in broadcast operations and in non-profit management.  I have held positions as a CMO, COO, CSO, and CEO.  Currently, I help grow businesses and individuals as a high-performance consultant and executive coach. I especially enjoy my work as an Executive  Coach – helping amazingly talented female clients reach higher levels of success.  My purpose in life is to help people achieve their dreams and live happy fulfilled lives.