A “Doyenne” is an extraordinary leader, an extremely accomplished woman who has reached a high level of performance and commands a high level of respect. She is at the top of her game.  

What We Do

Rise Up Doyennes is a Movement – a call to action for all women to:

Unlock Your Potential. Upload Your Power.  Unleash Your Prowess.

We are on a mission to create a community for women to succeed, centered around the idea of Women lifting Women.  Women of all ages and stages bonding together to reach out, lift up and push forward – creating a new force of women to be reckoned with.
Women Lifting Other Women

Women have the insight to shape a better world and when given the power and authority to lead, we know all mankind will benefit.

Women Sharing Stories

Drop in on stories that will inspire you to be courageous, to unleash the strength, talent and confidence that God has given you.

Women Making Connections

Connect with other women who have insights to share and work together to be stronger.

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We all know women in our communities or workplace that could use some extra support in the pursuit of their dream.
The Doyenne movement is focused on encouraging, equipping and inspiring the next generation of female leaders.  What role can you play?